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RBM CC Implants

Straightforward options for a smart restoration.

The Restore® External Hex Implant System is built upon historically successful designs combined with enhancements that improve fit, function and overall ease-of-use. Restoratively, the Restore® Implant System provides straightforward options for cement-retained, screw-retained and overdenture restorations.


Clinical Flexibility
The Restore® system features three implant types to meet clinical needs, including titanium threaded implants, HA coated threaded implants and implants featuring our resorbable blast media (RBM) surface for increased bone-to-implant contact1 and mechanical bone interlock.

Versatile Diameters
Restore® external hex dental implants are available in three prosthetic connection diameters—small, regular and wide—for clinical versatility, stability and strength.

Informed Packaging
The Restore® packaging provides an implant with a color-coded placement head for delivery to the site using either a handpiece or hand delivery tool. A cover screw is also included, along with three patient chart labels for easy record keeping.

Proven Connections
Our external hex prosthetic connection is backed by almost 40 years of successful clinical experience.


1. Piatelli, M, et. al. (2002) Bone response to machined and resorbable blast material titanium implants: An experimental study in rabbits. Journal of Oral Implantology: 1, 2-8.

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