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Granules with MBCP™ Technology for high quality bone.

MBCP™ is a balanced combination of 60% Hydroxyapatite and 40% β-TCP for optimal bone regeneration with over 30 years of clinical background. The macropores (300-600 µm) provide an ideal surface for cell adhesion while micropores (˂10 µm) attract growth factors and proteins crucial for bone regeneration.

•    Hydroxyapatite is the closest synthetic equivalent to human bone mineral (biological apatite crystals), is biocompatible and bioactive “in-vivo”
•    TCP is recognized to have great bioactivity, fast dissolution to promote the ionic exchange (Calcium and Phosphorus ions).

•    Macro-pores guide bone forming cells into the MBCP™ structure, 100% regeneration into new lamellar or haversian bone, providing a newly vascularized and mineralized bone architecture.




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