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Putty with MBCP™ Technology for high quality bone.

In’Oss™ is combination of MBCP™ micro granules in a hydrogel carrier. The macropores (300-600 µm) provide an ideal surface for cell adhesion while micropores (˂10 µm) attract growth factors and proteins crucial for bone regeneration.

•    An optimal balance between MBCP™ micro granules – Hydroxyapatite (HA), ßeta Tri-Calcium Phosphate (ß-TCP) – and an absorbable hydrogel, acting as a carrier for rapid vascularization and mineralization
•    Ready to use and avoids the hydration and manipulation phases
•    Hydrogel creates large spaces between MBCP™ micro-porous particles to form extra spaces for cells spreading and fluids diffusion
•    Chemistry encourages the rapid formation of natural bone and the growth of capillary blood vessels throughout matrix
•    Biocompatible and absorbable


Range of Applications
•    Extraction sockets with implant placement
•    Sinus lift augmentation
•    Periodontal bone defect and/or furcation
•    Vertical ridge augmentation

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